Nothing new

I am first and foremost a mother – of three teenagers nonetheless. Ump-teen years ago, I might have started out with, “I am first and foremost a writer,” but that changed. I am a bit sad about that and, yet, how can I be, having three beautiful children to raise?

Children are a blessing! For those of you who have struggled to bear children, please accept my deepest sympathies. It is a pain I wish upon no one. Children are the greatest gift in life. I was blessed with three very close together.

This is not to say such blessings are without strife. I’ve lost some of my identity in the raising of members of the current and future world. I am no longer the writer I saw myself being. Perhaps this blog will redefine me.

So I guess this post is nothing new. The human being heads down one path only to be presented with or surprised by something significantly impactful which alters his/her future. Except, the “obstacles” in my plot are three fantastic human beings that constantly alter my perspectives.

My three teens have challenged every facet of my life – my beliefs, my health, my daily routine. The whole time I struggle with whether or not I’ve positively influenced them along the way, no matter the outcome.

I think the writer in me is seeping back into my soul. I feel this post is grossly inadequate. Or is it deficient?

At least I’ve fulfilled two hopes: to write and to write in complete sentences. Yes, the writer has returned.


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