Thank you, WordPress, and followers and like-ers

Am I that pathetic that I desperately need to know someone has liked or followed my blog?


This is incredibly mind-boggling. After writing behind locked doors for years and never sharing with a soul, I find this idea of someone approving or, at minimum, viewing what I’ve written heart-palpitatingly uplifting.

Not sure I understand.

I really want to have a literary dialogue. I want to know others get me. I want to have accountability. I want to grow, learn, be encouraged. I know that means I have to subject myself to opposing opinions. I tell myself I’m strong enough to endure the criticism. I’m the biggest critic of others, even if I don’t post it. To be completely honest, I don’t know if I am.

That was probably stupid to admit.

I realize this is trivial. I am going to hate that I posted this as soon as I’m done.

I won’t regret sending out a big THANK YOU to this forum and its followers. This is meaningful stuff. Can I like my own blog?



5 thoughts on “Thank you, WordPress, and followers and like-ers

  1. I’d love to help! You have the Theme Twenty-Eleven which has tons of fun options. Start at your Dashboard (couple of ways to open it but I usually access from the drop-down from under your name in top-right, but don’t click your name, just hover then slide down to the name of your blog and another pop-open menu is where you can go to Dashboard).
    Then go down to click on Appearances > Theme Options – from here you can choose to have a right or left Sidebar, or both! Once you click on one, back in Appearances > go up a couple choices to click on > Widgets! Yay, I love Widgets! Now from all the options, you can click and drag over things that are useful… especially the one called Recent Posts. Just click and drag it over to the Sidebar area. Also Follow Blog is nice. And… well lots! I hope I’ve helped a bit. And I hope you have fun!

    • Thank you! I don’t even know how I just found this comment of yours. Glad I did, though. I am wandering blindfolded. At least now the blindfold is fairly transparent, thanks to you! I wish there was an UNDO button, too…well, for more than this blog.

  2. I am loving your blog! I have to admit I wish there were things in the sidebar to help me navigate, to see your recent posts to select from rather than just clicking the ‘Previous’ or ‘Next’ options to scroll through them all one by one… but that’s just navigation stuff. Kind of like walking through a forest off the trail! Your writing is wonderful, honest, funny, thought-provoking. I am enjoying my trek through your woods. And as Robert Frost said in a favourite of mine: The best way out is always through. Hugs from a recent survivor of mothering teens (youngest just turned 20), and thanks for sharing your journey with us here. I am enjoying it! Cheers, Gina

    • PLEASE help me figure out this blogging navigation stuff! Every time I think I’ve got the kinks worked out, I find I just blocked everyone from doing anything instead. Congratulations on raising, I’m sure, incredible new adults! Thanks for your kind words, and I’ll take all the blog site advice (and other kind) I can get!

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