Today I am overwhelmed with the beauty I walk every day. I do not take it for granted. I do not. I see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it. This peace is luxurious.

I want to possess this state, stamp it into my brain’s wakeup signal.

How do I express these blessings?

I awaken to the sounds of rustling leaves disturbed by a bird’s landing. Birds trill, chirp, and chatter. I waft back into molasses sleep until an exigent exchange between committed winged ones uprise me, or, apprise me of today’s true start.

A faintly warm breeze asserts itself. It is cool enough to lift the dead, dense, stagnant and sultry air at my ankles to my chin. Awaken, I’m told.

Though I do not need further aid, I find myself habitually opening the coffee. Earth in a bean. Nutty and tobacco-esque, its bold, full body eases me into today’s demands.

Outside, the clouds are pudgy. Streams of pastel fight to be conductor. Limbs obscenely saturated with foliage orchestrate a shocking contrast. Blue deeper than Loch Ness sweeps behind as if a camouflaged wallflower. I see you. I see.

Children heave a deep respiration. They sleep well. Mother me is at standby.

Creator me is offended by the tsunami of material. Time to craft. I walk into this beauty’s open arms. Delicious!


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