The photo

I’d like to discuss the banner photo above.

(In case it has changed when you read this, the photo is a dirt path surrounded by trees. The leaves are changing color. On the left, burgundy mostly overpowers slightly remaining orange. In the middle, yellow subsides to lime green, gives way to singed brown tips. On the right, shadows darken mostly prime green leaves. Directly over the centered pathway the sun beams.)

I think any photo of a nature path inevitably conjures up in the literary buff references to Robert Frost’s The Road Not Taken (read it here: I know it does for me. I have to ponder what it all means, this choice. Which way do I go?

In this photo, I think it could be argued the road is a dead end. Sure looks like it.


I’d rather like to think, even if it turns out to be a dead end, it’s worth being drawn up the incline to see.


What if it branches off into two roads?


Which path do I take?


What if it IS a dead end? What stops me from pushing past the brush and getting lost?


What if there’s a cliff at the edge?


Who made this road? Does it belong to one person or to everyone? Should I be on it?


What sort of fools trod all over nature’s beauty anyhow?


What is this scene saying to me? Why am I here now? What am I supposed to do?


This photo doesn’t leave me with a sense of peace. I like it. That’s why I posted it. It tugs at me. I took the photo. What does it say about me?

What do you think I did before/after I took this photo? What would you have done?

Walk away?


2 thoughts on “The photo

  1. I will just keep walking…. What’s important is the journey… Who knows what will wait for us at the end… Will it even matter?

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