Am I working?

In the midst of frantically trying to piece back together one of the several home appliances currently on strike, my husband interrupted me typing away at my blog.

Let me first explain that I’d done my part toward fixing the appliance(s). I located model numbers and researched the repair issues; found part numbers, prices, and places to purchase. I saved links to directions for fixing the repairs and of diagrams of the appliances’ hidden parts. I gave my best guess as to what was wrong, as an English major mind you, and I told the kids to stay out of the work zone. Then I went to writing.

About three minutes in, my husband called out, “Hey, where’s the…” What the…is didn’t really matter. It wasn’t a life or death situation, it was more of a delay tactic. He hadn’t actually started much. I know this because out of the corner of my eye I saw him standing over the appliance staring blankly. His hand reached towards it, but did not make contact. He turned his head from side to side. I turned my head back to the computer before he’d seen that I’d seen him. Then, he crouched down to the appliance out of my sight and called out, “Hey, where’s the…”

I could have caused problems by cutting him off with a sarcastic, “APPLIANCE?”

I did not.

I typed.

I heard his question and continued my train of thought on the keyboard for, at most, seven seconds, which was too long for him. “What,” he said with his own acquired sarcasm, “Are you working or something?”

The reason for this story is to share that I am quite proud of myself for confidently declaring that, yes, when I write, it matters. You may glean, however, from this snapshot, that I am a naughty wife. This is true. I enjoyed this little game of him suffering and me sitting back content with having done my part all the way up until the part far later on in the day when my beloved cut his thumb, the water pipes exploded, spewing water on two levels, and failure essentially stripped every ounce of hope out of his handsome face.

I did feel thoroughly satisfied with what I’d written, though. Plus, I got fodder for this entry. I’m feeling rather vampirish.

Work’s done here. The appliance repair continues. I have a feeling I will have to insist on helping him out very, very soon. We haven’t had water in two days. At least the ink doesn’t run dry!


4 thoughts on “Am I working?

  1. I like your style of writing it is really cool. Awww sorry about the water situation but I think you did the right thing by sticking by your writing. Oh, and thanks for following my blog. Xx

  2. You have every reason to feel proud of yourself and I so admire your resilience.
    I always end up feeling guilty in that type of situation and that’s oh so wrong!
    But I do hope you get the water running again soon. 🙂

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