Since the wedding

I want to spend more time on this when I have the chance, but for now I want to throw out the question: If you were married, are you still in touch with the people who were a part of the wedding party? who attended  your wedding? For those who can’t relate to that scenario, I’m talking about those people you did EVERYTHING with and shared your heart and soul to back a chunk of years ago.

I was reflecting on how dear those people once were to me and wondering why some of them aren’t in my close circle anymore. What a boob I am to have left that go to the wayside. I know it’s a two-way street but it makes me wonder how authentic it was if now I do not do more than click like a time or two on their facebook posts or if I haven’t even friended them there.

I want to know, I guess, how such strong ties dissipate without us noticing.

I have regret and wonder if I should. I think I should. I also think I should not. Relationships transpire for a reason. Sometimes that reason forges an unbreakable bond, no matter how many years between contact. Right? Or is that a bunch of hooey I’m dreaming about. Some relationships’ purpose is transient. Right? You know, yuck! I don’t like that thought. I think it speaks to the value of human beings. To me they are my everything. Yes, the world is full of stupid, stupid people (me being one of them). I still am enthralled with each one’s story. Am I just using them to better myself?

Yuck! I’m going to stop there. Will return to this thought and would love to hear your insights!!!


3 thoughts on “Since the wedding

  1. I’m almost positive I heard someone smart tell me that everyone comes into our lives for a reason (just like you were saying). So perhaps maybe it’s not so important that the drifting away happens. If you spent all your time involved with the same people, you wouldn’t have time or space for new relationships. I try to think of it as a Good Thing, that I had those friendships, and that although we may not talk much anymore, we were there for each other during that time when we needed it.

  2. Interesting question…
    I have had some very good friends, but they are from different times in my life – school, college, work… Yes, I have moved on, but so have they. But when I meet one of those friends from the past it is often as if we have never stopped knowing each other. Once we have got over the ‘what have you been doing?’ part of the conversation, we still share the same sense of humour and thoughts about life in general. I guess that’s why we became friends in the first place.
    I think we have good friends in different situations because we are social people and should simply celebrate that fact. 🙂

    • I agree. I love the reunions. Can you imagine how lonely it is for those who have difficulties in social situations? I think of the many people I have met from striking up conversations and wonder how different my life would be if I hadn’t met that person that day right then.

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