Blag or getting the crazy out

I am going to call that nagging feeling you get when you want to or, at minimum, feel you ought to have posted something on your blog but didn’t blagging. The blags? Not sure if this is a noun, a verb, or an adjective.

Life was busy and computers were nowhere to be found. I found myself writing my post in my head. It isn’t this one, either. It was a discussion about evil. (Look for it in days to come.) Doesn’t that sound insane? Writing a discussion in one’s mind with you, the person whom I am writing to at this very moment, me, myself, and I, taking both sides of the argument? THAT’S WHAT A LOVE OF WORDS DOES TO YOU: MAKES YOU CRAZY!

I love crazy.

I love certain kinds of crazy.

I love the crazy that starts one place, travels all around me memory and knowledge, ricochets off someone else’s, and lands me back in a place kind of familiar but maybe uncomfortably new.

Blagging is good for that except that the crazy lingers much longer than I want it to. I need to get the crazy out.

Thank you to all who read this and understand without raising an eyebrow. For those who do not, look upon this as you would a bride before she trips down the entrance stairs. Beautiful, but oof. Then turn away.

Finally, a toast: May your blags be far and few between!

See you soon. My crazy doesn’t behave for long. (Hope yours doesn’t either!)


16 thoughts on “Blag or getting the crazy out

  1. All.the.time.uh. I don’t really have an excuse anymore now that I have an iPhone but I do often use my 6 month old as a excuse lol…but I definitely feel your pain :-0

  2. Hi there, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog Vacant Pages and choosing to follow, much appreciated. Hope your efforts at being set free are accomplished, till then best of luck and happy writing.

  3. Like the song says, “Still crazy after all these years.” I know where you’re coming from. Also I just had to tell you this, in the UK, blagging is slang for faking it, or making it up as you go along. The latter fits a little better, because ya gotta be crazy to make it up as you go along…er…That sounded so much better before my fingers typed it. Cool blog-post as always. 🙂

    • I swear I was JUST wondering how long it would be before regional slang would betray me. I am NOT a UKer. Darn. I feel like I just showed one of my five poker cards. I’m glad blagging doesn’t mean something else less PG. Or, did Sally blag in the cafe with Harry? Oh my! THANK YOU for notifying me of my gaffe. I do hope you know I am deliriously panicked about attacking the Verstile Blogger nom. I WILL be all over it hopefully by the end of the day.

      • Haha. No problem on the versatile bit, Some of the folks I nominated haven’t even replied! Sorry about the Blag definition from the UK. I just found it funny, my daughter and were coming up with the different meanings just now! Don’t bother to re-shuffle the deck, your card is safe! 🙂

  4. Being a blogger means you have something in your head that you need to share. A blogger is first and foremost a writer, a writer that needs to be heard. Only when a thought hits our brains and we follow that irresistible urge to develop it into something more do we fulfill the inner need that drives us all.

    If this is crazy then there is more than a few of us that would gladly share an asylum with you. For me it is those lost thoughts, those great phrases I forgot to write down, and those thoughts I never got to develop that become temporary frustrations in the application of my literary therapy. For those souls for whom this is also true your words make perfect sense, for the rest no amount of explanation ever will get them to understand.

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