Whoops. I did it. I hit the “New Post” button without a thought in my head and here you are, blank blog page, staring at me.

There’s not a thought in my head because I was busy being a mother last night…’til it became today. I am now on four hours’ sleep. For those of you who regularly function on four hours’ sleep: WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING WITH ALL THAT EXTRA TIME? God bless you for being so blessed. Wait. That doesn’t make sense.

I need more than four hours’ sleep. At this very moment, I think I need at least four hours and one minute worth of sleep. ANYTHING!

My brain does not function normally, er, productively on four hours’ sleep. It never has. Ever. It never will. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. I can not change this fact. I don’t know the science behind it. Actually, I probably do, but I’m TOO TIRED to search my brain files to extract it and make peace with it.

And why is it when you are sooooo tired you can not fall asleep? My eyes are heavy all the way to the point when I lie down and close them. Cruelty.

It isn’t the four hours that’s the problem. It’s the less than eight hours. Yes. I’ve said it. I need eight hours of sleep. Don’t attack me because I sleep eight hours. I hate it when people’s eyes get all shocked-big when I say I need that many hours of sleep. My body must have eight in order to function. Others can get away with the four, as mentioned earlier. There’s science to it I think. Honest!

Anything less than eight and I wake up with a sour stomach and a leash around my neck being pulled – heaved really – by my bedpost. I will not be happy. I can’t make a logical decision. I won’t recover no matter how long I nap. I surrender the day completely.

To what did I surrender this day? A teenager’s wishes! Yes, the middle teen wanted to do something that required adult chauffeuring and I agreed. Oh, it was the proper mother thing to do I know. But, about an hour before finally hitting the bed, mother was crabby and regretting agreeing to this circumstance. Mother was ready to abandon her offspring. THEN, the child dared to ask for MORE from mother! Can I do xxx and can you take me to yyy. All I was thinking was zzz.

That worked out pretty well in the story just now.

Going to pretend like I’m sleeping.

Why do I do these things?


18 thoughts on “NEW POST

  1. You do these things because you want your kid to be happy and you want to keep an eye on them: both good reasons but watch out there. Sleep is very important for your whole body ; it will suffer otherwise. I sort of question anyone who say’s they get by on four hours sleep. They might be asking to die young! However your post is very good! Are you running on coffee? lol

  2. I am embarrassed to admit this, but I like to get about 9 hours sleep. I am what some would call a “sleep-aholic,” so I totally relate to your need for 8 hours. But kudos to you for managing to create an entertaining blog in a state of sleep deprivation! You rock!

  3. 🙂
    maybe you should keep at least one day for yourself…
    i do that sometimes when I sleep less.. I make up for most of it in one go..

    • Love that thought. I figure I’ll have time to sleep when I die. Now’s the time to make the most of things. Good thing I’ve got a blogging world to complain in and a nice community like this from which to get ideas and support. Thanks for commenting. Always like to hear what people think.

  4. Hey, thanks for visiting my blog and subscribing. I thought I would pop by for a visit and also let you know that my wordpress blog was switched to self hosted a few months ago. If you still want to receive updates please visit me at and subscribe there. Take care and hope to see you around!

      • Hehe, good question. I will find out and let you know. It is still powered by wordpress so you would think there would be a way.

      • I don’t think there’s really a way around subscribing and receiving the notification in the mail that there’s a new post. That sort of how WordPress is designed to work. When you subscribe you get the notification in the mail and then you can read the posts in the reader section of WordPress:!/read/ or by clicking on the email link to the blog itself. Whatever you choose, I hope you’ll stop by once in a while. 🙂 Take care!

    • I’m sorry you are delusional. Know that I will from this point forth patronize you when you refer to Johnny as yours. I have great sympathy for your condition. (Can you tell I got some sleep? …although Johnny made it difficult. Can’t keep his hands off me!)

      • Ha 3teens mom, glad you got some sleep but now it’s on between you and i like donkey kong lol. I am declaring my love for Johnny publicly in a few :). After that it’s your move. Glad you got some rest :).

      • Oh, dear, dear, boomiebol, YOU ARE SO FUNNY AND NICE. (Capital letters infer I am speaking loudly and spaces indicate slowly to you so that you will understand me in your delusional state of mind.) YOU HAVE A GOOD TIME POSTING YOUR POEM OF DESPERATION, I mean LOVE. 🙂

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