Something I heard the other day made me stop and rethink everything. As one gets older, fewer things can do that, so this was something extraordinary.

It was a concept about evil.

What makes a thing evil? So often it seems society is quick to call something evil and just as ready to excuse it. Please note: I’m not making any political/religious/socialistic statement. I’m talking the big, big picture.

The concept that struck me was that evil can be defined as delighting in destroying that which one’s enemy loves the most. I don’t think I described that correctly. It’s bigger than that. As I read it back it also doesn’t sound as profound as what’s rolling around in my head.

The operative word in this poor definition is “delighting”. Evil relishes torturing the untouchable aspect of its enemy, the heart and soul of the target.

This is profound to me in that it distinguishes bad from evil. Bad may be deliberate, vengeful, horrific, but it is not prolonged and does not cause the offender sustained satisfaction. In other words, a person may be bad when he punches some jerk in the face to relieve anger in a situation. A person is evil who takes that jerk outside and kills his beloved pet.

I know. I’m providing stupid definitions and stupid illustrations. This is a start to a theme I ponder often. I would love to hear your thoughts on what makes good good and what makes evil evil. Also, why do we think the two exist, if we do think they exist?


5 thoughts on “Evil

  1. “The concept that struck me was that evil can be defined as delighting in destroying that which one’s enemy loves the most.”

    Evil removes love. Bitterness becomes righteous condemnation. A heart becomes a stone.

    Then you can walk with Gods, celebrate your Diversity, and be whoever you think you want to be – for you are an external imprint, a creature of the world.

    If you can live with nothing, you will find love… and will always be a threat to the loveless who live thru their infants.

    ‘Eve-ill’ is simply love inverted. A love that once gave, now takes. It started with, oh let’s say sex…. the traumatized child gave of its body in return for attention, to mimick an affection that was so badly bruised that it bore the pain no more, and a new power arose. The victim is now the perpetrator.

    Exceptional beauty or bare-faced ugliness influences the globe today.

    Love pushes you back onto yourself, Charismatics draws you to themselves. Feel the tug to know the Black Hole within.

    The mother who “double dips” her soup by tasting the spoon and placing it back into the bowl uses her germs to act as her seeds of life. Soon it will only her life that you can live by.

    Evil, therefore, is the reverse of love. Praising Heaven to avoid Hell rather that facing hell to see heaven.

    The Kingdom of Evil is like a busted seed.

  2. Many would have delighted in torturing Hitler. It would have been wrong to have tortured him, as torture is always wrong. But they wouldn’t have been evil. You can understand why they would have felt that way and it is hard to say that they would have been wrong.

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