Adding and subtracting

No matter how many children you have it’s curious how the addition or subtraction of one alters, usually in a positive way, the rhythm of the day. It’s strange.

Are we creatures of habit that get stuck in an assumptive, stressed and negative routine, which, by the slightest of adjustment, become pleasantly surprised? Does the one create peace because there’s more or less stimulation? What is it?

Is it change that makes the difference?

In any event, I like it. I welcome any semblance of calm.

Then the calm turns into worry and the rightful number needs to be returned and everyone and everything back to their places. How long before the need for what’s ordinary?

It’s like vacations. Great for a frozen moment, then internal screams prompt a 180.

I like having my 3 teens right there with me. Mom, Dad, 1, 2, and 3.

Oh, it drives me crazy, too, and I love it!

I am going to miss these days.


5 thoughts on “Adding and subtracting

  1. I can totally relate. When any of my four are away, I swear my whole day is thrown off. That’s so funny! I ask for the slightest of breaks, when I get it I don’t fully enjoy it. When the chaos returns I feel totally in my element. WEIRD! Great post!

  2. They leave one by one from your physical presence but then they are still in your life in a different way. Eventually you accept that their happiness is now up to them but don’t think that you will not be called upon sometimes daily. Once a mother always a mother! The good news is that you will allow other interest into you life that you did not have time for and you will not feel guilty about doing it, like blogging!

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