I am creating another word. I am rather upset about this as my husband and I have a long-standing disagreement about the invention of new words. He is a terrible malapropist. He makes up/misuses words and then tries to convince me that that’s how ALL words came to be. I begin a dialogue on the etymology of said words and he continues to “listen” while also singing the wrong lyrics to the song on the radio. I have a personal favorite line he sang to Dead or Alive’s “Brand New Lover,” but it’s not appropriate for this forum.

That’s beside the point. I have a new word: thiting. It is when one writes in their head. Think-writing, so to speak. I am using it to describe what I’ve been doing in response to the lovely comments I’ve been receiving from the many supportive, very much appreciated followers of this new blogger. I have replied to every one of the comments in my head. Mostly this is happening because the easiest way to respond, to click Reply when the comment shows up in my quotation box dropdown, it allows me to write all I want and when I press Post Comment, nothing happens. I lose what I write. I have to click back to the original blog, scroll down to the comments and write there. Oh the effort!

Thiting works easier. I think about what I would write, even smile at the idea that my new blogger friend is enjoying the response, maybe responds back, and I think-write back, and so on.

Essentially, thiting is closely related to the other word I invented (which I found out I didn’t because it means something else in another part of the world), blagging. Blagging in my context is the nagging feeling when one wants to blog but can’t. Thiting is a response to the blagging. In areas of gradation, one would first blag, then thite, and hopefully eventually blog/write.

As the lazy/insecure person I can be at times, though, I’m thoroughly convinced I will come up with several more words (excuses) for not putting things in print.

Know this: I do respond to everything, just not in reality.

I have an eerie feeling I’m going to get lots of comments on this one.

You guys are FABULOUS!!!


20 thoughts on “Thiting

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  4. Thiting is the very finest and most literate way of writing, don’t you know? Our heads are made of only the finest parchment, didn’t you know? Let us thite on together in only the very loftiest of mindsets!

  5. Good post. I make up words regularly and sometimes I find out that a word already exists and I’m mad about it. Perhaps, between the two of us, we can make up a new word for the most grating two words – “you guys?” I wrote a post called “Need a cork for that?” which discusses the two words but hadn’t thought of coming up with something new. 🙂

      • EXCELLENT alternative. YGIZ, kind of a phonetic interpretation with a acronomious flair! Well done, and I will look forward to your use of YGIZ on your blog. 😀

    • I am responding. Wow! You guys are keeping me on my toes. This is great! Thanks. Now I have to say that I’m doing something like congratuwriting myself. ha!

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