A couple of things happened recently to cause me to ponder the idea of being free.

First, we caught an unexpected and rather vicious animal in our live trap. (We remove the freeloaders from our garden and take them to open land.) The quandary was how to transport it and free it. It’s not a cuddly animal. It’s not happy that it’s in a cage. It’s not content that the garden is on the other side of the walls surrounding it. This is not free.

I wonder how the animal feels. Does it think its life is over? All it can do is wait. Does it suddenly appreciate the free-roaming ways it formerly had? With predators all around, even when released from this temporary box, is it free?

The other thing that happened was a sensation really. A day without responsibility and obligation, I enjoyed an evening out. It was the ride home with a cool wind and good music and a sense of happiness that reminded me I’m free. This is free.

To be able to move unhindered is to be free. There’s power in that.


4 thoughts on “Free

  1. Recently we engaged with a violation of our natural environment, by asking a developer who was bulldozing protected indigenous forest along our river bank, to stop so that we could discuss. They refused claiming that they had permissions in place. We requested the documents and were told we could have them. We then got involved in a FB feed on our local homeowners page where we spoke about the need to engage developers and participate in public processes. Two weeks later, still no promised documents but a legal letter claiming defamation and demanding an apology with the consequences of a $100 000 law suite if we didn’t comply. We didn’t apologise because we did not defame BUT, we went through an incredibly stressful time as we and the entire village where ‘silenced’ by the threat. The developer is extremely wealthy. For him, a game. For us it felt like all our freedoms had been violated. (Your description of the animal in the cage – that has been us for the last month. It has been immobilising ). I cannot even begin to identify with the atrocities of violation of freedom within oppressed societies like ours was for so long. An expereince like this draws ones attention to the detailed freedom that there is to be had in a carefree time (like your night out) which I think can only happen if one does not ‘feel trapped’ . Perhaps real freedom is when one can manage to have that night while still living ‘oppressed’ – managing to rise above it all. I’m not there yet! (Sorry – my comments are not usually this heavy!)

    • No apologies necessary. Frustration, I think, is the main ingredient for a lack of being free. And I know frustration is the mildest description for what you’ve experienced. Perhaps the stronger the impediment to overcome, the greater the feeling of being free once hurdling that impediment. I wish you achieve it!

  2. If you want to see something fighting for freedom try catching a coon in your live trap. He will hiss and growl at you and tear up every bit of grass or dirt under the trap. They get so mad that you don’t want to touch the trap to set them free in the woods. However, after a few hours they get exhausted and the most forlorn look comes over their face. I would be like the coon but I would fight for a whole lot longer time!

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