Pick Me – Freshly Pressed’s Fab New Find

I am a sick human being. I WANT TO BE FRESHLY PRESSED! (Yes, I am stomping my feet as I shout that.)

It’s so exciting. The images are beautiful, the brief blurbs inviting. It just looks so good. I want to be there. Why don’t they PICK ME?

Before you go judging me, I KNOW you’ve thote (for definition of this new word, see the post titled “Thiting“) the same thing. We all want to have others see what we’re up to, sort of, well, maybe not. Do I really want thousands of people peering into my innermost thoughts? What will it reveal?

OK. Yes. I do. I am willing to give up my comfort zone for a fleeting flash of my blog on the FRESHLY PRESSED page. I suddenly feel like a celebrity right before they become famous.

It’s the flash mob of pizazz. The oohs and aahs. Everybody’s talking about them. Then, like an hour later, two if they’re lucky, the celebrities start running, hiding from cameras, imbibing in unhealthy behaviors, and disappearing from front pages whilst shaving their heads or wearing scant clothing, or none at all. But that wouldn’t happen to me! I have character. I have integrity. I have diginity.

PICK ME!!!!!!!! Don’t you like me? Aren’t I good enough??????????

Stop. Think. Breathe. What am I asking for after all? I am obsessed with what gets chosen. I love what I see. WHY?

I think it’s the title of the post. (I am not ashamed of the self-promoting marketing move of today’s post.) Great titles all. You shall see in days to come some meaty titles. I will stop at no lengths to draw their attention. Their. Who are they? Big brother, are you watching?

What does it mean to be Freshly Pressed anyway? It sounds naughty.

Oh, PICK ME!!! Let me get this over with…please! (Have to go now. Have to work on my acceptance speech.)

I guess it’s true. The definition of a warped human being is the need for attention. Take my temp. Hot! Oh my gosh, I don’t even know who just wrote that! Heeeeeelp!


12 thoughts on “Pick Me – Freshly Pressed’s Fab New Find

  1. I think it’s kinda like love: If you go looking for it you wont find it . Let it look for you. And do put plenty of tags on your post! It will happen; Your just too darn funny for it not too! HaHa

  2. This is hilarious and very honest. Love it. Freshly Pressed, mmmmm. Do I want the pressure? There are times when I have absolutely nothing to write about but now I would have an audience waiting, wondering, anticipating. Suspect I would burnout early. Blogging ‘for me’ seems to work well enough and my small but much appreciated circle of support provides the extra that I need. But that first inbox load would be a rush wouldn’t it?

    • Yes! Is that all it takes? Extra inbox? We are such pathetic creatures. I’m going to ignore the whole audience anticipation part. The pressure! Haha! I really like the blogging for me, but then again really love the blogging reaching others, too.

  3. Fun blog post!
    I appreciate your position. I will never get FP, though I follow one blogger who who has been and I found her through a comment she left on another blog.
    I have won numerous awards, and most, except for the two Sunshine awards, go unacknowledged. Why? I suppose it’s because I don’t need the exact thing you’re hoping for! I’ll put in a good word for you. 🙂

    • Haha! Thanks! Congrats on the awards. I’m thinking of creating 100 new blogs and nominating, liking, follwing myself all over this crazy blog world. I AM kidding. It’s just the thought. Why do these things pass through our brains?

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