Booger barrage

So it was yesterday afternoon I was going to willingly show my children my blog, but then they attacked and I dug my heels in. They, in turn, went ballistic and searched high and low until they found me. Shouldn’t have taken this long, guys! I wrote the previous blog (the one about how I wasn’t surrendering my privacy to them) while they buzzed around me. I’d already had an inkling one had disguised themselves as an alien blogger and left a scathing comment. Yep. It was teen two. Now, the booger barrage continues as they find it humorous to go on and leave “anonymous” and cruel comments, along with thumbs down and poor star ratings. And so their youth is revealed. Pretending to be someone else is not justification for using profanity. I WILL spam it. Tsk. Tsk. (That comes from their Dad’s side.)

Time for reinforcements. I’m thinking I need to blog about the many, many foolish things they’ve done over time. Perhaps I can reveal secret crushes. Or, shall I talk about my sex life?  This could be fun. Any other good ones, fellow bloggers who aren’t really my teens?

It’s sad to think a little deterrent would stop me. Nope. Mama’s strong. Anyone have thoughts for these little boogers? I appreciate your MATURE and WISE suggestions for them below. 🙂


19 thoughts on “Booger barrage

  1. HA! My kids don’t believe that I blog…and when they do entertain the idea I get comments like “no-one wants to read about your n00by life anyway”…mmm thanks…

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  4. I would warn them that they may not want to know what their mom REALLY thinks of them. Or, start listing their chores at the bottom of each entry? Add extras for the one who faked being a blogger. When all else fails, threaten to post pictures of them.

  5. Love it -:)!! I have a teen daughter, so do sympathize! Now for deterrent-writing about their childhood antics and how cute, cute babies they were may do trick! Otherwise – you can count on a short attention span.

  6. I would suggest showing them reports of what happens to adults in courts of law who are caught harrassing others on the internet. A little tough love, eh?

    • The cat and mouse game, I have to say, is way too fun. Hate it that they’re so darned funny. Dark, bitter sarcasm may not be everybody’s bag but it’s king in our house. Glad it doesn’t offend you. And thanks for the support!!!!!!

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