Cleaning House

It’s simple. It’s a harbinger of a happy home: cleanliness. OK, maybe not so clean it passes the microscope test. Clear lines, smudgeless windows, lack of obvious crumbs and dust. This is a peaceful state. In a house full of teens, this status is rarely reached. However, I had a moment last night where, under the mellow glow of the moon, the house appeared clean. I felt finished.

Seriously? I’ve reduced my sense of happiness to a deficit of dirt? I’m too tired to care about the pathetic-ness of that statement. I’ll sleep easy until I awake to a dirty house. (The teens are prowling and eating and imprinting their vivacity everywhere I erased it today. It’s nice to be re-purposed day to day.)


13 thoughts on “Cleaning House

  1. When I had youngsters in the home I constantly cleaned the house but now I am reasonable about as I am with many other things that I fussed over then. Its a matter of perspective that the years teach you. You learn what to be uptight about and what to loosen the hold on.

  2. I can definitely relate to you. I have 5 kids – 25, 21, 19, 17, and 12. The oldest two have moved out on their own now but the youngest three still live at home. Things are a bit better now in regards to cleaning but when they were all living at home, I had to clean ALL the time. But I think it is important that we are not too hard on ourselves… we do our best with what we have and then concentrate on the other aspects of our lives. I have literally been depressed over the amount of cleaning I have to do and nothing I do ever seems enough… but it shouldn’t be this way. Try not to be too hard on yourself… 🙂

    • Once saw a sign that says, “Cleaning house while the kids are growing is like shoveling snow while it’s still snowing.” You’re completely right: there are far more important things to do than clean, unless the piles have covered your children. I’ve been knocked down by my cleaning list, too, but then I started a very simple one major thing a day chart. I used it an entire summer. I felt like I’d accomplished something and that the house was clean enough. I think it enabled me to catch up from years of what-is-wrong-here mentality. Wouldn’t it be awesome if friends/neighbors picked one house a week to do over. I keep imagining a reality show is going to swoosh in and start my house over for me. It would be the best makeover ever! The before pictures would make audience members faint from shock.

      • I like your idea of picking one thing to do a day and then when it’s done, it’s done and then we can be free to enjoy our day and wipe cleaning from our mind. It sounds easy but I know it would be hard for me. Usually, I will choose one room at a time and sometimes it will take a couple of days to finish but then I know it is done and I can move on to another. My teenage son is actually cleaning his room today and I am surprised that he doesn’t even want my help.

        It would be nice if neighbours and family and friends would help each other. Not only would one house get clean but a few, and having company to chat with could make it fun.

  3. When I was growing up. I’d oft joke that my mom was going to marry Mr. Clean (hope Dad was up for Polygamy!). She would chase after us with rag and sponge in hand, and I have a feeling it was her was of feeling purposeful in our later years when we stopped sitting on her lap and relying on her for basic needs. At any rate, a clean house is a happy house…right?

    • I had a friend whose mom wouldn’t allow anyone to go in the “white” room. Literally plastic on the sofa. And that’s living? I always tell visitors we live in our house. Keep your shoes on, jump on beds. Live it up. It’s material things (and mostly second-hand anyway). Sometimes it’s nice to see a little shine, too.

  4. I once visited one of my friends house and i could not sit there even for minutes ….because it was so cleannnnnnnnnn i did not feel that house like house at all…For me house has to be clean but should be dirty here and there with books on sofa…paper under the table..TV remote in kitchen..hahahha thts fun for me…..fact is am bit lazy to clean hahhaha 🙂

    • Hahaha! I have a friend whose house looks like a home magazine’s BEST OF. I threaten her with trying to redo mine. I visit her often to leave crumbs and bring her back to reality. 🙂

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