Hot air balloon

It’s a silent stalker, save for the intermittent dragon’s burst of fire. Like a wandering gypsy it hovers and drifts, but apportions a measure of grace upon its gawkers. You are both majestic and a nuisance. How are you different? From us?

Others help you see and attain your full potential.

Others are affected by you, positively and negatively.

You are nothing without someone. You can stand alone…briefly.

Your course is not predetermined and at the whim of the winds of change.

So, how come I so desperately want to latch on?


14 thoughts on “Hot air balloon

    • Oooh, my brain has to work that out a bit. You’ve got me rethinking! Thanks, artzent! And, yes, it would be fabulous if we were next door. You wouldn’t have to teach me how to paint…I’d be preoccupied doting over your masterpieces. LOVE the latest hands one. This should be in a museum!!!!!!!!!

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