My artistic abilities are so poor, my stick people look obese

Let’s face it. There’s something everyone wishes they were good at but will never, ever be. Artzent, the most talented artist I’ve seen in this blog world and someone I dare to compare to Georgia O’Keefe, suggested she could teach me to paint/draw. It is something I wish I could do.

Oh, artzent, this is not an insult, but you are delusional. I have ZERO artistic ability. No, I have NEGATIVE artistic ability. I ruin art. I can see it. I can’t produce it. All brushes and pencils should be awarded perpetual restraining orders against me.

If you haven’t guessed it by the links, I am begging you all to check out the astonishing beauty artzent creates. HOW does she do it? It’s got to come from deep down in her soul. How long does a piece take? I mean, I can write. Sort of not too terribly, too, I assume. Could I sustain my ideas for months at a time? Weeks? Days? And, if she says it only takes her a day to complete one of those gorgeous florals, I think I may as well throw out any writing utensils. Why bother attempting to match my weak words with her incredible paint skills?

OK, creatives: What is the maximum time you can spend on a piece without going crazy? Is crazy a standard ingredient for generating art? How long has a project lasted for you? What are the talents you wish you had? Whose works impress you?


9 thoughts on “My artistic abilities are so poor, my stick people look obese

    • If you are serious about this then… here is what I say and also what I have found. You simply have not found the medium that fits you. The medium that slips on a easliy as a glove. My glove is the camera. I couln’t alway follow it because of the expense and the hassel of getting the film developed. Then Digital happened. I love love love it. Try different things. I did and still do. Best wishes.

  1. You are so wrong to think that you can’t learn. I am teaching myself to “see” now and how to draw. I, too, thought I could only draw stick figures. It’s only that in our minds, the words and language took over. Anyone can learn. If I can learn, you can. I am positive about this.
    No matter what, there will always be someone better, more skilled, more talented, more experienced than us, but so what? Take a few lessons. See what happens. Maybe magic!

  2. Well, of course I am going to be the first one to comment. You certainly have made my day! I might just print out this post and hang it up in my studio for those times when I think I will never finish a difficult piece. Sometimes after one of these I look at it and wonder myself how I managed to keep at it. Once I finished a piece over night when I was hyper excited. I had just learned that my autistic son had an appointment with The Institutes for the advancement of Human Potential. I had waited two years for the appointment. I sat up all night and painted a soft pastel Titled NEW BEGINNINGS. I will post it soon. Most of my work takes months to complete and that’s working almost every day. Example: Hands Together which took six months to complete. This was a case where a lot of people sent photos of their hands and I had to compose this painting for a American Cancer Society Relay for Life in this little town. Here is the first thing I did and it is the most important step. I gathered all the photos and tacked them up on a board in front of me. then I propped my feet up on the table and leaned back and stared at the photos thinking about how I could compose a painting that would represent an entire town and the Cancer relay. It took several days before any idea came- most were dismissed but when I hit on the right one I knew it was right.
    Six months later it was done and used to help raise 64,000 for this relay. It was printed on the backs of tee shirts and other items like publicity. Words cannot describe the feeling of seeing a thousand people walking the track with my artwork on their backs. Was it worth it?
    You bet!
    Now believe it or not I have never had a student who did not learn to paint and draw. The process is easy and takes no time at all. Usually by the third lesson a student can draw anything that they want. Again, That’s the easy part. The hard part is deciding what to paint and I do not paint for myself, I paint for others. That is what’s important and difficult to decide. It’s not like things don’t happen during the painting process but they contribute to the overall vision that you are passionate about. The reason I say that you would make a great visual artist is because of your writing; that’s your medium right now . You are already an artist. The mechanics are easy; its the passion, the grit to succeed , and connection to people that counts.
    Anyway, I have blabbered away for long enough and I realize that until you have a good teacher work with you I will not be able to convince you of your potential – if that’s what you really want to do.Thank you so much for your compliments and your loyalty. See how you fired me up: I have written a post just for you!! as you did for me!!

    • OVER NIGHT? Sorry, that’s all I got from that. YOU PAINTED something OVER NIGHT??? Hahaha!
      Isn’t it funny how the day before something you’ve looked forward to for a long time can keep you up to the point that you’re too tired to appreciate the day itself?
      You are too kind. I know if anyone could help me paint, it would be you.
      I’ll bet it was way awkward seeing people with your art on them. Not that it should be, but if you’re anything like me, it would feel like an invasion of your innermost thoughts and feelings. I don’t suppose you overheard people talking about your art, too? I know it would only be good things. Still, weird.
      Love when you write!!!
      I am now imagining myself posting on my wall images of people who will become my characters. I will imagine them talking, acting out, and I will steal them onto the page. Thanks, artzent! You’re the best thing – being – I’ve found on WordPress!

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