Within minutes I must return

to the place where mayhem reigns. Not even a sentence and the sound of chaos enters. Here one, then another. Soon two more.

I had a full day. I had an unscheduled day. Had.

Teen three made plans. Teen three needed a ride. Teen two needed to send something that I had to rush. Teen one wanted to shop. Husband wanted to walk. Friend needed a reminder she is not alone. I needed to write. Wanted. Needed.

The words in my jar of possibilities wait. I know them. They will be sewn together nicely…tomorrow. For now, this will have to do. Have. To do.


9 thoughts on “Within minutes I must return

  1. Its easy for me here without and kids: all grown. But I do remember when I had six in the house and I was a single Mother as well. I loved a clean uncluttered house and sometimes went to desperate means to keep it that way. I had two girls in middle school and they were the worst: dropping their books in the living room and sundry items all over the house. I finally got fed up and told them that I did not care about their rooms but if I found items of theirs in the common areas they would go into the lock box for at least a day. I put a lock on a cabinet and kept my word. If you have never seen a teenager just out of the shower almost late for school with her blow drier in the lock box you have never seen panic! It’s kinda funny now but I kept my word and you would be shocked by how little time it took to keep the living room clear of clutter!

  2. You’re an amazingly selfless person. I truly hope you have the time tomorrow for yourself and your writing.

    I know a moderately-successful writer who woke up 1 hour early every day for a year (costing her some precious sleep as she was a single mother with an infant, a 3-year-old, and 2 jobs) in order to write a book. I hope you don’t have to do anything that drastic. But I can say that I honestly admire both of you and your strength.

    • What a nice thing to say. Thank you. Chiseling away at the needs for the wants is becoming less choice as it is a freedom. Yes, I did get some time to write already and look forward to more writing time today.
      …oh the dream of writing a book. Yes, it’s getting nearer. It’s always amazing to me what people can do under pressure.

  3. I raised two kids and then, I raised two more. Now, they’re all grown and I wish I’d hear more from a couple of them. They need you now, all of them. 🙂

  4. Between family and friends, I’m kept so busy and have so many obligations that I can’t find time to fit that nervous breakdown in.

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