Fruits of the Earth

I don’t want to imagine a day without food. I am blessed to have all the food I need. I also can have the food I want. I have been in a time and place where I have had to borrow and beg for food from any sympathetic acquaintance. I wasn’t starving. I was hungry and uncomfortable. I didn’t need that experience to know others don’t have the luxury of food at one’s disposal. I know it from observing the world around me.

This post is supposed to be about the ability I have now to bring home the exquisite and unique ingredients with which I’ve always wanted to experiment. It seems absurd when there are people in this blog world who may not have food for the rest of the week or day.

What are the most precious fruits of this Earth? Originally I planned to speak of the homegrown garden vegetables, fresh herbs, soil-rich tubers, zests of citrus, grains blossomed under a swollen sun, earthen treasures that make my mouth water. I love food. I spend a ridiculous amount of time thinking about what I’ll eat next.

As I patrol the food aisles and drive past a field where a commodity-keeper struggles to save this shoot or that calf, another sense is awakened. I see. I contribute to the pantries. I donate extra produce from our garden. I propogate a nurturing of the real fruits of the Earth.

Do you taste?


3 thoughts on “Fruits of the Earth

  1. Oh to taste again. Food for me is sustenance – nothing more. It has been years since I thought about what I would eat next. I no longer taste. I crave textures instead. Crunchy but not too hard. Soft and chewy. What I would give to taste the food the way I remember it.

    For those of you who can… cherish the ability. The next time you are sick, and your nose is too stuffy for you to taste your food, stop and remember that feeling. It will make you appreciate your sense of taste so much more.

    And smell…. so many memories in which a smell plays a part. I so miss those smells that really bring back that memory’s vividness. The smell of a rose, the aroma of fresh baked banana bread, and the clean smell of freshly laundered sheets…. what I would give to smell these things again!

  2. I always have to keep the fridge full of food even when I am the only one here. I think that comes from never feeling like I had enough as a child. I do share my garden with family , friends and students.

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