Is my mind more open because of you?


Beautiful or dangerous, craggy mess?

It’s been a while since the dawn of instant information. We’ve been in contact with parts of the world we’ll never see in person. How has this benefitted us? Are we better off because we can communicate this way?

This venue allows us, invisibly, to deliberately intrude or accidentally spy upon opposing ideas. Do we seek other perspectives? Altruistically or to cache an arsenal? How do we respond to the world of philosophies? What compels us to leave a response? Anonymity? Resolve? Conceit? Concern?

Ultimately, the answer depends on the individual. Some will further their own agendas, seeking out supporters of beliefs perhaps not well fleshed out or, conversely, architecturally steadfast. Some will waffle. Some will flip.

Is this any different than in the three-dimensional world? Perhaps it’s in fast-forward format. Does that mean we’ll sooner fashion firmer ideas with stout defenses?

What affect does this space have on me? I’m exposed to poor spelling, fractured sentences (of which I have contributed – sorry), garish opinions. I, too, am introduced to heart-stopping images and outrageously profound insights. I wonder if I would have been equally affected had I seen the face of the person behind them first. Would judgment have closed that door too quickly?

I don’t yet know the answer. I am too much enjoying the journey. Come along and see what you think.


9 thoughts on “Is my mind more open because of you?

  1. The internet has certainly broadened my horizons. Sometimes it all feels a little overwhelming. But I hope our minds are growing and evolving because of it. 🙂

  2. I am five foot nothing, 105 lbs and wear jeans most of the time. Never the less what I hear about my art is that it is strong, commanding, and SOME even compare me to masters. However, when these people meet me in person they almost always have a shocked look on their face and say YOU! painted this! I listened in a on a conversation between two women once where on said to the other, ” Zent, I know him. He’s the one with the long beard and mustache . I burst out laughing! Oh, yes they cannot imagine that a small, female, ordinary person could paint something that strong. I have found that most bloggers only pay attention to the art and stories and don’t give a hoot what I look like. I am having more fun here than any art show and enjoying the stories and art of many people not affected by their visual bias. Its refreshing and fun!

    • I agree with you. Sometimes it’s better not to be seen, as the art stands for itself. For example, if someone were to view my works of floral art or my paper sculptures, the works would receive higher acclaim without seeing me. It’s odd, isn’t it, how the view of an artwork, or writing, changes, once a human being lays eyes on the person who creates it. That is, of course, unless the person “FITS” the art. We are so odd…

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