Parenting from scratch

I have parented from scratch. That is to say, I have attempted to impart on my children the values I deem most precious: learn, love, explore, commit.

I did not take a poll and vote on what the majority believe to be the current temperature for moral standards. I continued to gather useful ideas, of course, but my main themes have stood solid. I trusted my instincts and stood by them. It has not been easy. It has not been completely successful…yet.

I think with any good recipe made from scratch, I have to be patient. I have to keep an eye on it, but DON’T lift the lid or open the oven door. I have to rely on the purity of the fresh ingredients and allow them to work their magic ever so carefully. When time takes its course, the final product is heaven-sent.

I also know that if any one ingredient is sour, the recipe collapses. No stirring or watering down will do. It’s a total loss. I spend a great deal of time wondering which element I contributed could have destroyed what I nourished these many years. I hope it will pull through.

I want to see it rise and blossom and feed the world.

I have to wait.


12 thoughts on “Parenting from scratch

  1. I think a big part of the sucess of this recipe is allowing yourself to be creative around use of ingredients and adjusting these accordingly while providing space for yourself to grow as a chef . You sound like you are doing all of this and more. Good to read and be inspired to keep keeping on!

  2. This is your usual insightful post! You will have triumphs and tragedies and you will make mistakes but if your heart is in the right place your kids will be too!

  3. I’ve nominated you for the “One Lovely Blog Award”. If you would like to participate, just write a post, including a link back to my blog, then 15 other blogs you would like to nominate, and then 7 things about yourself. Here is my post that nominated you:
    If you aren’t interested or have already done this before, no worries, just know that I really like your blog! Cheers!

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