If you pay careful attention to details, you will note the extended gap in time between this and my last post. I hate to have to admit this: I forgot how to get into this site. Each day that went by, I conveniently convinced myself, via laziness or slack justifications, to carry on about my business in the 3-D world and no one at wordpress would notice. Soon, members of the 3-D world started to bug me about my wordpress world. The nagging I initially felt in those first couple of weeks of being away began to resurface. Ta da. I nearly instantaneously found my way back in.

QUESTION: What makes it worth it to go out of one’s way to do something?

In the 3-D world, I’d say to help another motivates me to go out of my way. I don’t see THIS as helping others. I see it as self serving. I get too much out of this. I tap the creative. I explore philosophical jungles in my mind. I voyeur others’ musings. Me. Me. Me.

I’ve been told to write is NOT selfish. To write is to share. But if I’m not sharing PERSONALLY, FULLY IDENTIFIABLY, am I truly sharing…me?

And (I know you’re not supposed to start a sentence with “and” but I’m going to anyway) if I’m not sharing but only satisfying my own needs, is that wrong? Why do I even ask that question? Is it wrong to have asked?

Getting off track now.

Hindrance is the title. What hindered me? Hinders me? Hinders you?


4 thoughts on “Hindrance

  1. Couldn’t have said it better than merlinspielen *above*. I would add, however, that “choices” include one’s creative choices…the passion to create…in whatever arena/medium that might be. That is not selfish…to be creative…that is…part of your life’s gift. To who?, you ask.

  2. what hinders me — and I am sure many others — is regret. Sometimes we handle situations a certain way that we regret and when a similar situation sprouts up again, this can hinder us from taking the step or risk again.

  3. If you don’t satisfy your own needs who will do that? Do you take the time to eat? to sleep? to drink water? No one else can satisfy your needs. In my world being creative is as essential as eating and sleeping and staying hydrated. Mind-Body-Soul. Is blogging necessary to do that? – ahh well there is a different question.
    So what hinders me? My own choices.
    The same thing that hinders everybody. 🙂

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