The Importance of a Good Book

I’ve got to ask: Which book(s) changed your life? The power of the word is remarkable. I can think of several titles that continue to stick with me for a variety of reasons. This post isn’t about the titles. It’s about the magic.

Where do you want to go? Open the book and find out. It’s NEVER where you first imagined. It’s the going in with expectations and the coming out with no cares in the world that make reading the fount of the soul.

Which way will I go next? I have no clue, and I can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “The Importance of a Good Book

  1. I love to read.One of my favorite authors is Wally Lamb.I am always wishing he wrote more books.I too don’t know which way I want to go sometimes and it’s a blast after I get to reading.Sometimes never going where I thought I was.Great post.

  2. Where do I begin? Yes, a book that takes me! Some titles, some authors. Well, Charlotte’s Web when I was a wee little lass. The Little Prince. Vonnegut (don’t make me choose which book, though) in my late teens. Silent Spring, of course. To Kill A Mockingbird, too. These just came to mind, but there are so many others. Anything and everything with social commentary. Adventure. Humour. Later on, Harry Potter as my kids grew up with him. Roald Dahl. Juvenile fantasies (you know, with hand-drawn maps of far away places on the front page matter). Now…I just want more time to read.

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