Wow! 500 likes. 🙂 (7/24/2012) I like that you like what you read!

Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on 3teensmom. (7/17/2012) Thanks, EVERYONE!

 Super Sweet Blogging Award (9/3/2012) Thank you, cimplicityrockss!

 Liebster Blog Award (8/21/2012 & 9/2/2012) Thank you, Rustic Recluse and Smile Scavenger!

very inspiring blog award Very Inspiring Blogger Award (7/31/2012 & 11/12/2012) Thank you, fortyteencandles and bohemian spirit!

  One Lovely Blog award (7/14/2012) Thanks, sharechair!

  Versatile Blogger award (7/1/2012) Thanks, MikesFilmTalk!


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